New brands on the market - no soul ?

Re: New brands on the market - no soul ?

Postby magic1 » Mon May 13, 2013 4:02 am

Hi everyone, first time posting here. I'm eager to see and (hopefully) participate in the growth of this forum.

I think this question of soul in a a designer's work is critical. But I think it might be better to refer to the soul as a "character," and that's how it is often referenced by designers themselves. My designs are for the, he's ... and ....

Developing an original, relevant, and compelling character is extremely difficult. But if accomplished, the entire design process should be automatic. All questions regarding the collection are answered by the character of the design house or the character of the collection.

To give a personal example, I perform magic and as a magician, I'm performing as a specific character. What I perform, how I perform it, what my patter is, my pacing, my audience interaction, my clothing, it all refers to my character. Anything out of place in my character is readily noticeable. Like all characters, I have a flaw. Look at any action hero and you'll notice an important flaw.

These characters not only give answers to the designer or performer but also give the collection/act a cohesiveness, a reference, an ephemeralness, a depth, and...a soul.

Creating a successful character is hard. So most pic an easy alternative. A theme or a story.

Themes are trite, transparent, transient, superficial, and boring. They give the impression of cohesion, professionalness, depth, and thought. But it's easy and plain. I'll give a simple example from magic.
I'll use the theme of candy.
I start by producing a candy bar. I make it transform into a big one, then it disappears and reappears somewhere else, then it multiplies into 10 and I give them away to the audience. Then I have a bag and say there's a candy bar inside. I have someone name any candy bar outloud and bingo, there it is inside the bag. It's a dark cholocate hershey's bar. I change it into a milk chocolate hershey bar. I break it into pieces and restore it to new. bhlah blah.

These are all classic magic tricks with a theme applied to it. It seams professional, cohesive, etc, but really it's simplistic and shallow. though candy is cool.

Too many brands rely on themes or stories to give the the impression of a character. And I think it is okay to use a theme when a solid character is beneath it, but more often than not, there's no character.

On a different note, I think it's a little unfair to compare contemporary brands to old brands in this manner as the character of old brands, so apparent today, are based on the characters of yesteryear, which are far easier to identify retrospectively, especially over the coarse of some time.

Also, the big brands have such broad characters compared to the small new brands referenced in the original post. And of course the broad characters are easier to identify with than the specific, nuanced ones. And of course the introspective, quiet, somberness of these brands doesn't help make them any more measurable.
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Re: New brands on the market - no soul ?

Postby adeline basely » Thu Aug 22, 2013 10:58 am

Same customers
Same features
Same launching process
How could it be specific?

Actually it seems all these brands are designed by the same designer.

I agree with you Mr Magic, it's a question of person, character.
If there's somebody behind, with something to tell, clothes are interesting.
If there's just a way to play to design a collection and make fashion, the work is empty.
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Re: New brands on the market - no soul ?

Postby old » Wed Aug 28, 2013 2:52 pm

A very strange coincidence here, that all these allegedly "no soul" new labels, except for Arj Selvam, have some sort of description as their brand name, whereas all (minus Carpe Diem)the more accomplished designers are all called by their own name. Could it be assumed that, by creating a separate identity for the brand, the designers subconsciously are more detached to the brand or vice versa, leading to a more objective design process, hence the absence of a universe in it?
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Re: New brands on the market - no soul ?

Postby adeline basely » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:39 am

Depends if it's just a question of ego or something more personal.
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